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how I can save this CD

There is no off line version at present.


hello sir, im electrical engineer.I need a hard copy of whole attachments.
waiting for your kind responce.
thank you.

How to see the animations on iPhone and iPad ...

The animations are in flash that is not supported by the iPad. Unfortunately there are still no suitable substitutes.

Nice to meet you. I am grateful to have studied with your wonderful teaching materials.
Recently sliders and Flash animations on the web do not seem to work well.
I tried the latest FlashPlayer with Chrome, IE and Firefox but it did not work.
What should I do?

As far as I know they still work. Which page is the problem?

This is a question, not a comment. Can I copy figures from one of your pages for use on a website I am building for my startup? I will acknowledge your site as the source. Thanks. J. T. Ganley

As long as you acknowledge the source of the images you may use figures for your site. If it is a website just make sure you have at a minimum


And a link to the website.

I'd love to be able to print sections instead of part by part.

This website supplies abundant, detailed, and reliable resources for PV learning! I've studied some parts of the section "properties of sunlight". It helps me a lot in deed. Thanks!