Sun Position Calculator

Enter your location in the box below the map and click Get Location Details. It will accept any description such as an address, city name, airport code and then show its location on a map. The most commonly used location is assumed so that simply “Paris” will be Paris, France whereas “Paris, Texas” will be Paris in the US state of Texas.

Standard time is used and there is no correction for Daylight Savings.


Sun's Position Calculator

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Equation of Time X minutes.
Local Solar Time Meridian: X °
Time Correction: X minutes
Declination (°) X
Hour Angle (°) abc °
Elevation X°
Zenith X°
Local Solar Time X (HH:MM)
Latitude X °
Azimuth X °
Sunrise X (HH:MM)
Sunset X (HH:MM)

Explanation of polar plots

The most convenient way to plot the sun's position throughout the day is on a polar plot. Click on the animation for an explanation of these polar plots.