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Very nice information. In particular I found the excel data file with the solar spectra (AM 1.5 etc.). Can I use the data for a diagram in a text book about compound semiconductors which I currently write? What kind of reference should I indicate?

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If I click the constants in Module circuit design page. It shows the requested page not found.
It because due to misspelling of url, It's actually but it shows

I have been referring to this site earlier as well and find it very much helpful.

I am a new beginner in the field of solar energy since my specialization is a mechanical engineer and I have experience in electronics and electricity. Can I be a professional in renewable energy?

Yes you absolutely can! Maybe you have already become a renewable energy professional given that it's already a year since your post. :)

I am very thankful for always using wonderful teaching materials. Interactive Graphs on the web has not been displayed successfully recently. I tried it with Chrome, IE and Firefox as the latest FlashPlayer but it did not work. What should I do?

An excellent tool for learning principles of PV. It is a great information resource for applicable studies.
Thanks to all professionals involved in this contribution to a clean energy source planet. ;)

How do I get the copyright permission?? Thanks.

I am writing in reference to the possibility of using images and videos from the silicon solar cells manufacturing section of your website (PV education) for teaching purposes. I am currently teaching (as volunteer, unpaid), a virtual course about photovoltaics solar cells to a local public university in Juchitan, Oaxaca, México. I found your material very useful and if you allow it, I would like to use it (of course adding the references) for my video-classes. These videos are only share to people taking the course and at the end, I will remove all permissions to everyone.

I appreciate the time for reading this email. Whatever the answer is, I congratulate you for the excellent work done in the website.

If it is a course with limited duration then feel free to use the content. Thanks for letting me know.

Thank you very very much.

Yes. It is with limited duration and for a limited number of people. The virtual course has a duration of 4 months long but I am only using PV education tools in the last two weeks of the course for explaining the manufacturing of silicon solar cells. After the course finish, I am deleting all the content.

I am a volunteer online instructor at Instituto Tecnológico del Istmo (Juchitan, Oaxaca, México) but I am officially working at Saule Technologies in Poland as a material chemist in perovskite solar cells.

Thank you very much again.

I was trying to follow a link to Solar Simulation Light Sources from a suggestion by David Keller (see link below)

I'm with NASA and am doing a trade study on designing a solar simulator within my testbed for on orbit lighting conditions. I honestly have next to zero knowledge on how to execute something like this, it is very new to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It depends on your application. Such as the size of your cells and the variation in spectral response of your reference solar cell compared to the cell under test. Multijunction cells also require a more accurate spectrum. If they are space cells the spectrum should be closer to AM0. Some light sources now also use LEDs

Is there a way I can access the videos and illustrations in these lectures for my claa?

I would like to access the videos in these lectures to use in my Class.
Is it possible for me to have access?

The way this course is designed is very helpful in introducing PV to a novice, without deep knowledge of semiconductor physics.

it was so easy to measure JV curves but now it is not available .

very good content about PV

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