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very good page,but i would like to can see in PDF


I think the tree-like nature of most websites precludes traditional 'book' format. That may be why the data is no longer available in textbook form. Further, a pdf would not include dynamic illustrations (text boxes, knobs and dial controls) or animations. If necessary, the site could be downloaded, but why bother? Everything is becoming more dependent on web access, or 'cloud' services.

Thank you for your excellent concise explanation of units wh, kwh, and Ah. Did you perhaps confuse the example of approximate conversion? Was the example ofr 500 Ah or 100 Ah?

Good Day, My name is Hugo Erawan and if possible I would like to contribute to this website by adding an Indonesian translation.
This website (the English version) was a great help when I was doing my graduate studies on solar cell and I think it would be great if more people can get access to it. I am a native Indonesian speaker and am familiar with the field of solar cell, so I would like to add an Indonesian translation to add to the multiple languages it is already in.
Please do contact me if this is possible. Thank you for your attention.

It would be very helpful to explain a little bit more the section 7.2 under bypass diodes. I do not really understand how is chosen the maximum nr. of cells, that can be connected to one bypass diode? Is it correct to calculate this with the following equation?

nmax< ((Vc - Vf)/ V0c_u )+1

nmax – maximum nr. of cells per diode

VC – breakdown voltage of the cell (~12V for poly, up to 30V for mono)

VF – forward voltage of the diode ( ~0,5V)

VOC_U – open circuit voltage of the cell


I get currently no results (using Firefox, Chrome and Edge) at for S_incident and S_module for any input data, presumably because of the NaN results shown for Sun's zenith and elevation ...
Last year I think everything still worked.

At also only NaN results are calculated, so here is presumably a bug ...

Thank you very much for the exceptional site.

P.S. I could not open new comment at, so I placed comment here a little bit out of topic ...

Best regards,
Christian Toebermann