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Alkaline Battery Reaction

Zns+2OH-ZnOH2+2e- aqMnO2s+H2O+2e-Mn2O3s+2OH-aq


$$Azimuth=cos^{-1}[\frac{sin\delta cos\varphi-cos\delta sin \varphi cos(HRA)}{cos\alpha}]$$

Base Resistivity


Battery Capacity

CapacityAh=n×F×1 hour3600 sec

Battery Energy Capacity

Energy Capacity=Ah×Battery Voltage

Blackbody Radiation

F( λ )= 2πh c 2 λ 5 ( exp( hc kλT )1 )

Characteristic Resistance


Chlorine Reduction


Copper Reduction with Standard Potential

Cu2+aq+2e-Cus     E°=0.34V

Copper Reduction with Valence Charge

                            Cu2+Valence charge     2+aq+2e-Cu0s

Cosine Formula