Comments on Bypass Diodes


I have PV Panels, in that 12 cells are connected in one group with bypass diodes. I want to add two more cells in series after the bypass diode (12in one group+2 without bypass diode). By adding this two sells after bypass diode will increase voltage? Or it will lead to any problem.

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Maybe just one comment on this figure/text. Bypass diodes can be a bit tricky to understand. I wonder if this figure could be made a bit clearer? For instance, the green arrow to the left stretches across mutiple cells indicating a voltage of 0.6V. It is not immediately clear if this voltage is across the substring (the entire green arrow), or rather the individual cells...
Then, it would be helpful to cite the voltage across the individual shaded cell, just to make clear that it is negative, and combined with the unshaded cell voltages lifts the forward voltage of the bypass diode across the threshold.

Have a look, and see what you think