Comments on Photon Flux


If the energy of photon is given by hc/wavelength, hc = 1.24e-6 [eV.m].
For a 0.5 [micrometer] wavelength the photon energy would be 2.48 [V].
Why do you multiply with the electron charge?

Do you mean 2.48 [eV] right? that's typo.
So, why do you multipy with the electron charge?
Because if you want to change the Unit of Energy from [eV] to [Joule] you must do that.
remember, 1 [eV] = 1.602e-19 [joule] ---> 1 = 1.602e-19 [joule/eV]

i think the term with Energy of photon that multiply with electron charge is wrong. thats mean maybe change of the Energy unit to Joule.

i think you are absolutely right!

q is redundant in the eV formula. if we want to find it as Joule then we must divide it by q but it multiplied it by q. that is absolutely an error.

To the best of my knowledge, the definition of flux is basically the amount of a physical quantity passing through a surface perpendicularly per unit time, i.e. the flow.
So by that definition: flux (phi) = (# photons/time)*Area projected
What has been defined instead is called radiant intensity.

from where to get Photon value of flux?