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i like it

calculation of sun power received

Your site was mentioned on reddit, and it's quite good, thanks. Hopefully you're going to expand as time goes on. Might I suggest in your planning, sections on practical aspects:
1. Panel and Inverter configurations
a. Residential
b. Commercial
2.Electrical Considerations (from an electricians point of view)
3. Installation
a. Roof mount (Issues, Solutions)
b. Ground mount considerations (same as "a")
4. Economics
a. Owning vs Leasing
b. ITC and SREC's

Etc etc. If you're looking for contributors, I'm in solar sales, my son is a commercial site manager for a 50mW array in Orlando (Disney)



We are slowly adding material all the time. Thanks for letting us know the sections that you would like to see. We are open to contribution but its hard for authors to commit the time it takes and for a free web site.

intersting about green life and energy friend's to the environment

We need more information about Basics of light, if it's possible.
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This tool is very important for learning.
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This is very helpful for beginners

Electrical Engineer




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Very helpful