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Am interested in this platform

Am interested in this platform





i just want to learn about PV.

What a fantastic resource you have created !
Nevertheless I have some remarks:

In your graphing of the insolation on a tilted surface, you don't seem to have included the azimuth effect. Most panels are as you say of fixed orientation toward the equator, so the diurnal variation of azimuth is actually more significant than that caused by non optima tilt. I accept that you provided a full formula; but it would be instructive to animate this with a third slider for time of day

There are many installations where the most practical and aesthetic solution would be to mount the PV panels vertically, particularly at higher latitudes where the moderate loss of power in high summer is acceptable in return for an increased power in the hivernal months. Yet your slider stops at 90.

What gave me the greatest insight was the way you showed that the PV characteristic is simply a PN curve (upside down of course) with a bias current added in proportion to the input radiance. I cannot help believe that this graph should not have pride of place in an introduction

Good Work

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Thank you for allowing me to access your materials and information

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Aprender un poco más de energía solar

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Excelente la página. Estoy muy entusiasmado con la temática

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