Comments on Anti-Reflection Coatings


I want to plot reflectance of silicon vs wavelength. I have values for real and imaginary part of the refractive index. How can I get value of complex index of refraction from it ?
I referred to the excel file provided by you guys. But I am using different equations for plotting reflectance where I need to input value of complex index of refraction. Actually I want to extend this to GaAs Solar cell which has texture on its surface.

The complex index of refraction is the real and imaginary part: n + ik

Please tell me how to calculate the right value of the wavelenght in order to calculate the right thickness of the ARC. Thanks in advance.

How is the formula for the reflectivity derived? Is multiple reflection considered?

Hello, for the graph showing the effects of refractive index and thickness of ARC on surface reflectance, are the results shown assuming a planar wafer?