Comments on Characteristic Resistance


The equation for the characteristic resistance is described as approximating the open circuit voltage divided by the short circuit current, but the equation has VOC/IOC

Theanks for pointing out the error. I have corrected the equation.

The f value for the shunt resistance and power loss (f = RCH/Rshunt) does not match the equation just above it (Rshunt=f x RCH). If f is meant to be the same value for both series and shunt resistance then my guess is that the issue is with the Rshunt=fxRCH equation which looks the same as the Rseries=f x RCH just above. If they're not the same, then I'm not sure what the issue is, but the math doesn't work.

Typical Jmp is stated to 36 A/cm^2. That is incredibly high. I think we just solved the energy crisis (trying for a little humor). Shouldn't the value be 36 mA/cm^2?

You are correct and thanks for pointing out the error. Appreciate the humour!