Comments on Shading


If you look for help in shading analysis please use my free app 'ScanTheSun' for Android phones and tablets which allows to:

- calculate the solar energy reaching the collector
- find the energy loss due to shadow casted by objects in the vicinity
- plan the collectors mounting (selection of the best part of the roof, proper panels orientation) even in a complicated urban areas
- calculate the hours of water warming or electric energy production during the day
- prepare a complex documentation of insolation and efficiency of solar installations

Here is a ScanTheSun screen recorded video:

and another video with additional explanations

Ernest Grodner, PhD, University of Warsaw

I just noticed that in my comment I have given the same link for the youtube video twice. Excuse me.

The video with additional explanations and 3D graphics is here:

Ernest Grodner.

NASA Surface meteorology and Solar Energy data implemented in the app.

Direct and diffuse solar radiation now calculated in the app.

Direct solar radiation based on NASA data takes into account the atmospheric beam attenuation and weather conditions.

Diffuse solar radiation based on NASA data.

Technical documentation available at

Short presentation video at

Link to sign up for beta testing: