Comments on Module Circuit Design


I am new to this design field, I am learning how to design the module. I noticed most recent modules are designed for the maximum system voltage of 1000 VDC and now the trend is to design the module with the maximum system voltage of 1500 VDC. Do we need to increase the cell to cell string to string gap in the module from standard 2mm to 3mm ? I am looking for this answer. Thank you for your answer in advance.

Suggest you add some examples about how a solar panel is made up in terms of individual cells in series and parallel. Since each cell is about 0.6V OC, so to get a given panel voltage, you need to add the appropriate number of cells in series. But to get more current, you can either add cells in parallel strings, or else make each cell bigger.
It would be helpful to give an idea on the max/min dimensions of a specific cell: are there any?

And would be nice to have a table of the existing solar cells: in terms of voltage and current/area.

I will do some edits if I can convince it to let me do so...